Dr. Elaine Henry Olaoye received her Ph.D. in 1981
is a Professor of Psychology at Brookdale
College,  and an Adjunct Professor at John Jay
College of Criminal Justice. Dr. Olaoye is also a  
published poet.

Dr. Olaoye is the CEO of NorthWest Enterprises and
conducts workshops, presented papers and
consults in the areas of Stress Management,  
Educational Psychology and Positive Psychology
over the last 25 years.

Over the years Dr. Olaoye has developed a strong
interest in the therapeutic value of poetry and
researches  this as well as uses it, in stress
management and personal growth and
development workshops. Dr.. Olaoye for 14 years
has sponsored annually an International Poetry
and Psychology Performance at Brookdale.

Dr. Olaoye is also the sponsor of an annual Elaine
Henry Olaoye &  Tori Antigua Girls High School
Scholarship. Currently she is also sponsoring an
Obama Essay Competition in Antigua on global
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