Just as in the tropical isles
Satin-petalled lilies
Stand matchless,   New born,   Regal, Resplendent
Delicate and warm, So is your presence.

Just as in Spring
Fresh water gushes forth   With wide flashes of foam
So is your smile,  Exquisite one.
And as rivulets and streams Sparkle and cascade
Playfully down to the sea,
Such is the lucid beauty of your speech and laughter!

Yet as you grace the earth
With your petal weight   
Lightening bolts of passion emanate
And spiritual light and joy radiate     From your eternal core
With what strength, beauty, clarity and joy
You open the petals of your life
Blossoming lily of the world!
Passions about YOU!
   Celebrating YOUR beauty, joy and strength, my friend!
How do you feel?
Joyful, grateful, beautiful
bountiful? All of the
You are blessed indeed
with so many gifts of life,
energy and opportunity!