Recipe: Roasted Deadlines & Tossed Time
2 months overload         2 years  of frozen patience
2 months deadlines                 2 years of frozen grace
2 months of impatience        Infinite time
   Poem: "Thinking"
1. Center yourself in a beautiful and stimulating
    setting and experience  infinite time!   Feel it!
2. Trim and toss away impatience.
3. Chop overload into small pieces by relaxing                  
with the meanings  & memories of "
See  Excerpt from"Thinking":Passions of a Poet.
4.  Place patience and grace in an imagination-
    powered oven to defrost them.
5.  Roast deadlines in an anger- powered oven.
6.  As warm feelings rise and muscles relax,
    breathe very deeply  and bask in infinite time
     while reading
"Colors of Joy"
See Excerpt"Colors of Joy":Passions of the Soul"
  Repeat daily for 2-3 weeks or as needed.   
How to lose weight using recipes in "Passions of the Soul"!
Healing theMind & Feeding the Soul
We all have to watch our
weight  and we all need to
enjoy our life & our food!  
We eat in many ways: We eat
with our eyes, our mind, our
mouth... I invite you to eat with
your imagination & your  mind.
O calories!
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