Understanding your mind and body and poetry

  1. Imagination is more important than knowledge.  T F
  2. We are our memories but they are  malleable.  T F
  3. Observing, listening to and celebrating yourself requires
    private time and is needed to be happy  T F
  4. Poems stimulate the mind and brain  in the same way as
    a news article. T F
  5. A good poem can help you relax and lower your blood
    pressure. T F
  6. Poetry has been an important form of expression for
    centuries.  T F
  7. Poetry stimulates your left brain and your right brain.  T F
  8. Poetry is a form of therapy and self healing. T F
  9. Poetry uses metaphors or images to communicate
    effectively. T F
  10. Our bodies and mind respond well to rhyme and rhythm.
    T F
Passions about Understanding
                      And correcting  misperceptions
All the statements are
true except # 4.
Did any answers
surprise you?